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Why Choose Professional Floor Cleaning

Any good business owner knows that keeping the office or retail space clean is vital to running successful operations. Keeping a dirty workspace or store is the best way to drive customers, clients, and employees away. The appearance of a business is important to making a first impression. Often times, people don’t realize how much a dingy floor can affect the look of an office or retail space. However, using janitorial services for professional floor cleaning is an easy way to maintain cleanliness and ensure that first impressions are met with a smile. Clean floors also offer more benefits than just a nice appearance.

Keep Employees Happy and Healthy

According to research conducted by a microbiologist at New York University Langone Medical Center, carpet can house up to 200,000 bacteria per square inch. Norovirus, Staphylococcus, mold, and fungus are all germs that can be lurking on company floors. Having regular professional floor cleaning conducted in your office or store is a great way to keep these germs at bay. Cleaner floors will mean your employees will take less sick days which can lead to more productivity.

Providing clean floors and a clean workspace is just another way to foster happy employees. Providing a safe, secure, and attractive workplace leads to employee security and wellbeing at work. Not only that, giving personnel a workspace they are proud to come to everyday is vital to retention. Obtaining professional floor cleaning is just another easy way to provide comfort for employees.

Maintain the Lifespan of Your Workspace

Outsourcing janitorial services and relying on professional floor cleaning is a great way to maintain the longevity of the office or store flooring. Regular cleaning and waxing is a great way to keep up with cleanliness and ensure that your floors will last for years to come. With heavy traffic of employees and customers it is important to maintain the quality of flooring so that you don’t find yourself replacing it every couple of years.

Professional Floor Cleaning is Thorough

When you rely on the help of professionals as opposed to an inhouse employee, you can be sure that the service will be thorough. A professional provider will already have the necessary equipment, supplies, and cleaning solvents to ensure the job is done right. Not only that, the experience and expertise can’t be matched. Your company won’t need to pay the salary of another employee, purchase costly cleaning equipment, or worry about the job getting done right with the help of an expert.

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At Monarch Building services, we provide a wide variety of cleaning services for your company. Floors and carpets are just one facet of our business. Be sure to contact us today to set up a consultation. Our services are customizable to your needs.

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