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Floor Cleaning Services

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Professional Floor Cleaning in El Paso

Keeping an office or home clean starts from the bottom up or, to be more specific, from the floor up. A simple pass with a vacuum from time to time won’t keep nasty germs and dust at bay. In these instances, you need professional floor cleaning. In order to truly clean all types of floors, the appropriate equipment and expertise is required. So, if your carpet, hard-surface, tile & grout, hardwood floors or area rugs are due for a deep cleaning, we’re the team to call.

Whether you own a home or a business, you need to make sure the floor is clean. Keeping a floor clean is no easy task. It requires much more than a quick vacuuming or a pass with the mop. Depending on the type of flooring you’re dealing with, the tools and techniques differ. This is where Monarch Building Services comes into play. Since we’ve been in the business of keeping places clean since 1978, we know what it takes to keep floors clean. Throughout our tenure in the cleaning profession, we’ve gained valuable experience and knowledge to yield the best results. And, as a team with nearly 40 years of experience, we have kept our finger on the pulse of new floor cleaning technologies and advancements so we’re always ready to offer the best clean.

Cleaning Various Floors Requires Different Equipment

Floors come in a variety of styles. Each one requires its own specific cleaning technique in order to achieve the best results. Sometimes, taking matters into your own hands may lead to catastrophe or stress. Renting the right vacuum, for starters, may cost you a lot more than you initially expected. Then, when it comes down to actually cleaning the floor, you may face a couple obstacles along the way. It is possible to take this confusion and hassle out of keeping your floor clean. All you have to do is hire a professional floor cleaning team to do the work for you! If your home or place of business is due for a floor cleaning, contact us!

Who to Choose for Professional Floor Cleaning Service

Monarch Building Services is a company devoted to customer satisfaction. Our team is bonded and insured to provide complete peace of mind to our clients. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do to keep your floors clean!

Every attainment, every step forward in knowledge, follows from courage, from hardness against oneself, from cleanliness in relation to oneself. - Freidrich Nietzsche

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